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Are you thinking about a renovation to your home in London? There is no doubt that renovating can add value, but more than that, you will love the new space that you have to enjoy, it will be almostlike living in a new house, but without all thehassle of moving home.Or maybe you have a visionfor a property that you want to buy and renovate? Whatever the reason you are considering a renovation, then Renovation London will be with you every step of the way so that your vision and our expertise produce the perfect result for you.

Expert Home Renovation in London

Maximise your properties market potential with effective home staging

At Renovation London we have many experts with many years’ experience between them ready to help you with effective home staging. They will :

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Get your property ready for sale or let to maximise the market price

  • Highlight the very best features of your home
  • Suggest maximum impact, cost effective solutions
  • Ensure that your project is completed fast
  • Our team will make sure that your property has the appeal that most people are looking for

Matching your project to your pocket

Sometimes buying a property that is ripe for conversion can bring your dream house within your financial reach. The return on investment in London for a property that has been skilfully renovated can be huge. So how can we help you achieve the dream you have for your renovation?

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Renovation Ideas - London

Renovation Ideas

At Renovation London we are full of good ideas about renovation. A common renovation will be one where a large property is converted into flats. Careful planning and great design ideas can make this kind of renovation a great investment....

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Full Home Renovation

Thinking About Extensions

Maybe you just want to add an extension to your home? At Renovation London we can advise you on loft conversion and house extension as well as complete renovations.

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Adding Space

Adding Space

Perhaps you want to add space to your home rather than move house. Adding an extra bedroom or bathroom or perhaps a home office are just some of the most common renovations that we are asked about.

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full Room Renovation london

The Period Property

London is full of period properties from the Victorian and Georgian eras and even as far back as Tudor times and if you have one of these properties then you will want to keep the character of the original building.

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full Room Renovation london
Full Home Renovation in London

Not all Builders are Created Equal!

When you put your renovation in the hands of experts that you can trust it to be a less stressful experience. But if you don’t pick the right person to do the job then things can soon go downhill and your renovation can end in disaster.

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full Room Renovation london

Expertise That Can’t be Beat

Because we have only the best in their field working with and for us, you can be assured that your project will have the benefit of many years of experience and expertise.

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Transformative renovations in London

A stunning transformation does not always mean major structural alteration. Adding a new bathroom or a kitchen, using a different colour palate or improving the way that natural light comes into the home can produce wonderful spaces in which to work or live.

Home Transformation london

Why you should choose us for your renovation

  • We believe that our prices can’t be beat and we are prepared to put our money where our mouth is. If you find a lower price for an identical job, we will match it.
  • Building work is always going to be challenging but we will always do everything we can to make it as stress free as we can,by appointing a project manager to oversee every step of the renovation.
  • We always want to exceed our client’s expectations and always aim for excellence in everything that we do.
  • We know that as important as quality is keeping to time and budget and we will always do everything we can to do both.
  • Experience and expertise. At Renovation London we are proud of the expertise of everybody who works and is associated with us. With many years of experience between us we know that we have the provenance to deliver the best to you!
  • Customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and we are very proud of the positive feedback that we receive.

What We Do

Whether your Property is a Victorian terrace or a modern home , we can offer you everything from a loft conversion to a two storey extension. We are committed to attention to detail in everything that we do overseen by extremely demanding project managers who always have client satisfaction in mind.

These are some of the services that we offer

We are always looking to add to our long list of satisfied customers so if you're looking for a professional and reliable contactor in the London area get in touch with us now and one of our professionals will always be on hand to discuss your project with you. Call us now to make a no obligation free appointment or to arrange a meeting on site.

At Renovation London we know that one of the most exciting parts of any renovation can be the interior design where your dream home is created. We have expert teams ready to help you with all aspects of your project such as:
  1. Advising you on design features
  2. Outlining your options for renovation, discussing feasibility, cost and the style of renovation you're interested in
  3. Drawing up elevations, 3D images and detailed plans
  4. Advising on fittings, colour schemes, lighting and furnishings for your renovation
So that your project always goes smoothly we will appoint a project manager to oversee every aspect of your renovation. Your project manager will be in charge of:
  1. The initial plans for the project and advise on any regulations that need to be complied with
  2. Your project manager will draw up timelines, prepare a schedule of work and detailed finishes
  3. Your project manager will be an interface between you and the specialists and contractors working on your project
  4. Your project manager will be in charge of any troubleshooting or problem solving to do with the project

Renovation London and the end to end project

The experience that we have in home renovations means that we understand that some renovations involve working with what is there already and others require extensions such as loft conversions or basement or cellar conversions. No matter what your idea is, speak to us as one of London’s leading renovation specialists and we will bring your dreams to life.

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Full House Renovation Project london
House renovation london

Working with your project

Your Dream

Once you have your idea of what you're trying to achieve our design consultants and specialists in planning will be on hand to work with you giving you advice and information on what is possible with your build.


Our experts will help you by telling you whether or not you are going to need planning permission for your development or wether permitted development will cover what you want to do. We will help you to complete any necessary paperwork including elevations and drawings and will follow the process through to a successful approval.

Hitting a bump in the road

If you have applied for planning permission and this is challenged or objections raised then we will help you to find a solution that will enable the project to go ahead .

The party wall agreement

If party wall agreement is required for your property then our experts will be able to advise you on how to ensure that you comply with the legal requirements so that your project is not delayed.

Renovation work in your home in good hands

We are one of the most experienced renovation contractors in London and we will always ensure that the work that you want to have done is expertly planned and faultlessly executed. you'll be kept in touch with every development at every step of the way.

There are several different types of renovation that you might carry out and this is our guide to some of them:

Making changes for lifestyle

Whether if you have decided that you prefer open plan living or need space for hobbies like painting or writing or just a playroom where the children can let off steam, this can often be very satisfactorily achieved within the property without having to move home .

The Eco Upgrade

A period home will often look wonderful but we all know that very often heat is leaked out through old windows and doors. If your property falls into this category think about one of our eco-friendly renovations to reduce your heating bills as well as your impact on the environment

More family space

When a new arrival is imminent many people often think about increasing space in the home. Providing room for visitors is another reason to add a loft extension perhaps. Ask us for our ideas on increasing space for your family.

The facelift renovation

If your house looks a bit tired and worn or perhaps its style is more 19th than 21st century it may be time to consider remodelling with a facelift renovation. We have many ideas of how this can be achieved

Why you should renovate your home with Renovation London

Item 1

It will increase the value of your home for resale

A well-executed renovation can increase the value of a home,significantly. Even adding an upgraded and re-modelled kitchen can give the value of yourhome a boost of about 5 ½ percent.

Item 2

It will increase the energy efficiency of your home

We all know that energy costs are always going up and that is a trend that is not likely to change. By improving insulation or introducing some eco tech features you will be able to simply reduce your costs and save energy at the same time.

Item 3

It can give you more family space

As the family grows, space needs to expand with it. You could move house but that is a big hassle and can cost a lot. A conversion can be the answer to making more space without the upheaval of moving home.

Item 4

It can make your home more functional and comfortable

A home renovation can be a great opportunity to remodel your home to reflect your personality and you needs. Why not create your dream space and have more useful space?

Item 5

Think about installing sound proofing

A well-executed renovation can increase the value of a home,significantly. Even adding an upgraded and re-modelled kitchen can give the value of yourhome a boost of about 5 ½ percent.

Item 6

Using a Professional is always vital

Renovation or any building work will only ever be as good as the team executing it. Always make sure you check out the contractor whom you want to do the work, thoroughly. Why not start by checking us out? We can show you photos of past projects and answer any questions you might have.

The cost of home renovation

We are often asked about the cost of a home renovation and of course there are as many prices for a renovation as there are spaces being renovated. However although there are many factors involved in the price of a renovation, we will always be happy to itemise those aspects and to get as close to your dream as we possibly can and to the budget you are comfortable working with.